Aug 5, 2015



The Trophy Group X-ray and Radiology Imaging

elitys-13TROPHY is the world leader in dental radiology and dental imaging In conventional radiology, TROPHY has been the largest volume manufacturer of intra-oral X-ray equipment for the past 10 years, and markets a comprehensive range of high-performance panoramic X-ray machines. We also sell our used medical equipment here on our sister site.

TROPHY’s solid reputation among dental professionals reflects a technical expertise built up over a span of 50 years. In 1987, TROPHY introduced the RadioVisioGraphy(R.V.G.), the first digital dental X-ray system, thus providing dentists throughout the world with access to the diagnostic power of medical imaging.

In a rapidly-developing market, TROPHY has been a pionneer in product innovation and in simplified and improved product perfomance. The most recent R.V.G. generation, in conjunction with the intra-oral Stomavision digital camera (STV), digital panoramic X-ray and dental-office management software constitute the foremost dental imaging console available anywhere in the world.

Over 100,000 customers, serviced by an extensive distribution network with branches in more than eighty countries throughout the world, are proof of the expertise and competitivness of TROPHY in this field.

entreprise-01TROPHY, with an unbroken span of 50 years experience behind it, has become an internationally recognized specialist in medical imaging. The men and women of TROPHY are committed to listening to their customers, understanding their needs and offering suitable solutions to their problems.
The prime objective of our engineering and technical teams is to identify, design and develop imaging systems so as to offer increasingly reliable and effective diagnostic tools to medical professionals.

Movix 33The TROPHY medical range covers all hospital Radiographic Imaging needs, from mobile operating-theater equipment, to digital remote-control centers and emergency room systems.

entreprise-03Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and America currently boast many thousands of TROPHY imaging systems, installed and maintained though a highly-skilled technical network, providing customers with a guarantee of extensive experience, peerless quality and the TROPHY commitment to service.

Performance, Innovation, Flexibility and Expertise are the qualities that best reflect the TROPHY spirit. Performance, proven by the group’s swift growth, high financial return, international scope – 72% of sales in the export market – and position as a leading manufacturer worldwide of medical and dental imaging equipment.

Innovation, reflected in cutting-edge product technology and the development of advanced diagnostic-aid concepts such as RadioVisioGraphy (the leading digital X-ray system).
Flexibility, expressed through the group’s commitment to identifying user’s current and future needs and meeting them promptly.

Expertise, possessed by the men and women who listen to their customers and then design and develop products and services for today’s world – and tomorrow’s.
These are the fundamental assets that have ensured the firm’s success over the past 50 years, and that constitute the real capital of TROPHY.
Productivity, Quality, Performance and Flexibility are the keystones of the TROPHY manufacturing philosophy.

The group possesses extensive production facilities, withplants located in Europe (Croissy-Beaubourg, Saint-Etienne, Milan), Turkey and Indonesia.

entreprise-04Multi-disciplinary TROPHY Research teams rapidly design and develop products in response to customer’s specific needs. Manufacturing is carried out on integrated Just-in-time/Kanban assembly-lines, thus substantially reducing production and delivery times.

In its continous effort to improve the quality and performance of its products, TROPHY has implemented a number of quality-control systems (quality assurance, self-inspection, Total Quality Program, etc.) and has intituted partnership with it’s suppliers, while at the smae time maintaining strong technological autonomy. These initatives, implemented on a daily basis, have resulted in increasing both skills and motivation among men and women whose commitment to service is rooted in the principle of listening to customers and satisfying their needs.

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